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Connie AttardConnie Attard
21:27 23 Feb 24
Emailed this mechanic asking for a quote on some work needed on my car. Initially responded quickly telling me that they could definitely do it cheaper than the dealer, but to send through my VIN number for an exact quote. I did that & never heard from them again.According to another review..” Gary has systematically identified every 'pain point' in the customer experience journey and addressed it with his bespoke and intelligently planned workshop layout and his carefully selected team that understand his philosophy 'Our business model is based on a customer comes first approach'.”Certainly not my experience, this mechanic offered zero customer service.EDIT:It seems this mechanic’s pattern of response to negative reviews continues. They can’t simply acknowledge that they have perhaps dropped the ball & apologise. They need to come up with excuse after excuse.As I said, you responded to my initial email, but like most mechanics who don’t want to be accountable for anything they say, you prefer verbal communication to written so that there is no record. If you truly put your customers first, you would communicate via their preferred method.You also have an Instagram account that you post to relatively regularly - as recently as February 16.Perhaps if there were any truth to your hijacked email account you could have posted something on instagram letting your customers know what had happened & asking they call instead.Others may choose to believe your hijacked email account story, I don’t.EDIT 2.Yes indeed, you did ask me to call. As I mentioned earlier, I prefer written correspondence for my records.Had you said "Would you mind calling rather than emailing, because our email has been hacked" - then of course I would have called, but you didn't say that. The hacking story was something you made up after receiving my review.If you value customer service, then surely you should provide correspondence via the method your potential customer prefers.Look at all the time you have taken to respond to this review, it would have taken far less time to provide a written quote for the work.Amazing how now that you want to post our email correspondence you have miraculously found the emails - did you ask the hacker to send them through?Please post away.You are absolutely right you provided zero service to me, couldn't even be bothered to quote on a job. If you're too lazy & incompetent to do something as simple as quote via email, then I sure as hell wouldn't want you anywhere near my car.Bullet dodged.
Alex SitgesAlex Sitges
01:45 11 Feb 24
We left our campervan in great despair without an appointment. Thanks to the knowledge, professionalism and kindness of Gary , we were able to make our trip to Cairns come true. If someone can find the most difficult problem and fix it, that is Gary and his team. Highly recommended to anyone with electronic problems of any kind. Thank you so much. Richard and Alex from Spain
Tilmann RustTilmann Rust
01:48 16 Jan 24
Excellent knowledge and very efficient, and very trustworthy for many cars and problems I have presented with there
11:56 11 Jan 24
I have not seen Gary for a long time, as a customer I have known him for more than ten years. Recently my car got problem, he answered, and help me with all his heart. His kindness, and willing to help never change! Their work is far more than the money. Best wishes!
Chris EvansChris Evans
06:31 30 Nov 23
Josephine MarcJosephine Marc
03:01 15 Nov 23
Gary and John at Hitech are absolute legends! They go above and beyond in service. Hitech was highly recommend by an NRMA technician after I had been to a number of garages that did a real slap-dash job on my car. I’m so glad that I decided to go to their garage, they provide you with a thorough report of what urgently needs to be done and what might not be so urgent so you never feel pressured to do more than what you feel comfortable with, and they do their best to find replacement parts for you at the best price. Would highly recommend!
08:09 09 Nov 23
I have been a customer of Hitech Automobile Centre for a few years. I remember in April 2021, I found something wrong with my grand Cherokee, I came to H.A.C for a repair and I explained the problems to John Liras. H.A.C checked my car very carefully and replaced the front low control arms as well a whole set of transfer box. Of course, H.A.C's quote was very reasonable. This time it's the electronic problems with my Jeep: tyre's sensor damage, wiring disconnection and the electronic system need to be upgraded. H.A.C's quote is transparent and cheap. H.A.C is able to deral with both mechanic and electronic problems with its hitech and Johm Liras is a trustful & reliable man.Remington Wang
Nathan ClarkeNathan Clarke
06:07 25 Oct 23
Hitech Diesel Services: A Diesel Vehicle Owner's Ultimate Solution.If you are a diesel vehicle owner in search of unparalleled expertise and a service that truly delivers on what you pay for, look no further. The tale of my experience roughly 12 months ago with my Mazda 6 aptly illustrates the kind of quality and professionalism you can expect from this establishment.Upon encountering an issue with my Mazda 6, I initially sought the guidance of a local mechanic who, regretfully, suggested that I take my vehicle to the Mazda dealership. Subsequently, I followed this advice and made my way to the Mazda service center, only to be informed that there were no issues to be found. Frustration and confusion set in, and it was then that I decided to turn to Hitech.In stark contrast to the preceding disappointments, Hitech Diesel Services swiftly and competently identified and resolved the issue with my vehicle within a mere three-day period. Their proficiency and dedication to their craft were evident throughout the process. What's more, upon receiving my serviced vehicle, I was pleasantly surprised to find it not only repaired but also impeccably cleaned, a thoughtful and appreciated touch that speaks volumes about their commitment to their customers' satisfaction.One standout feature of Hitech is the personal touch offered by the owner, who goes out of their way to greet you and ensure that your experience is a positive one. This level of customer care sets them apart and fosters a sense of trust and reliability that is truly rare to come by.In sum, Hitech has undoubtedly proven itself as one of the finest mechanics I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. For any diesel vehicle owner seeking a professional, efficient, and courteous service, I wholeheartedly recommend Hitech Diesel Services. They are a cut above the rest, and their dedication to ensuring that you receive what you paid for is second to none.I own two diesel vehicles, Mazda and a Nissan Qashqai which both are under the car of this Hitech.
11:58 16 Oct 23
Gary and the Hitech team diagnosed and repaired a tricky fault with a MAF sensor issue on my DMax that had caused it to go into limp mode. It took a few days to chase it but they eventually found and fixed the problem and then reset the injectors which had overcompensated due to the fault. Given the time spent finding the fault, the invoice was reasonable and I would recommend Hitech for any mechanical issues with your car.
Candice NixCandice Nix
20:24 13 Oct 23
Excellent communication - always available to talk when issues arose. Went above and beyond to help.
john mcbridejohn mcbride
02:09 05 Oct 23
Always do a good job for us
bill goodesbill goodes
00:32 26 Sep 23
Dror TzionDror Tzion
22:43 22 Sep 23
I do not understand on transmission issues so I called before towing my car to Hitech and was informed about a specific cost to fix. When car towed to them they called me and price was 4 times Original price. Tow truck came to pick up and Received the worst service from a lady there and was really rude to the driver and they did not help him at all, he had to call an additional driver to assist him to move the car from the premises to load onto the truck.Upon arrival at my house, I was shocked t o see that they had left the gear shift all opened, 2 brand new dings in the back of the car. Do not be fulled by positive posts, bad service.
Eitan MeguidecheEitan Meguideche
13:43 16 Jul 23
Gary and the team at high-tech are legends , always honest and reliable -and always have a solution to any luxury car issues since I have taken my cars for services I have never gone to anyone else for 10 yrs ! Thanks so muchDanny !
Antonio DAntonio D
18:11 02 Jul 23
Just fantastic service! My BMW went in for a service and diagnosis, the mechanics there are the most honest and reliable and honest price. They are also quite humourous, if you're in the area and need a service come here, recommend times 10thousand.
Cito TravelCito Travel
07:55 01 Jul 23
The guys there were too helpful and nice ambient. Thanks for your time
Anthony NixAnthony Nix
21:18 26 Jun 23
I had Garry re tune my land cruiser as it was originally done incorrectly by another companyHe did an amazing job and and his whole team were so helpI highly recommend this very professional companyThe cruiser is now the best it’s ever been with more consistent power and way better fuel economy!!Thanks
Cynthia FarahCynthia Farah
03:21 21 Jun 23
Would not recommend this place for car repairs. It took months for them to receive the parts required for my car, they have now arrived and they have still not prioritized my car repairs and can't give me a date as to when repairs will be finished. So far repairs have taken 4 months and counting. Called last week and was told they'd be done that week, called again today and they don't know when repairs will be done and are saying the office doesn't know what is happening in the warehouse. Bad communication and no service, take your car somewhere else.EDIT: HITECH CALLED ME AND ASKED ME TO REMOVE THIS REVIEW. I said no and they have decided to punish me for leaving this review. For clarity, I was told 3 weeks ago parts have arrived and repairs would be ready that week so delays in receiving parts are no longer to blame. I was not abusive on the phone but declined to remove my review as I have every right to be honest about my experience. Read the responses from this business owner to people who have provided negative reviews based on their experiences and you'll see what type of business you are dealing with, no professionalism or intent to rectify the situation. I am glad you are showing people you want to punish current customers and remove cars from a priority line after 4 months of waiting because of a Google review. Also I have never spoken to a vehicle supplier, my car ended up at HiTech through insurance so have been accused of being abusive again to someone I've never spoken to. Will be calling my insurer to report this business and the abusive behavior.
Ralph StanfordRalph Stanford
06:49 11 Apr 23
John at Hi-Tech knows his stuff and fixed up a suspension/shock absorber problem that another place had completely missed. Was a moderately serious problem too. He took a lot of trouble to find the right shocks for my car. Great work.
01:37 23 Mar 23
Best mechanic I know. Gary and his team diagnosed and repaired my ford territory and it is now back on the road normally and safely. Thanks a lot for their help, they are extremely professional. if my friends' car is having trouble, I would definitely recommend this automotive centre. They are super good
Luke DLuke D
05:32 21 Feb 23
Called up Hitech trying to gather information about my car for repair but the lady on the phone refused to put a mechanic on the phone. To quote her “I’ll get in trouble by Management if I disturb the mechanics”, though she recommended coming into the shop which I would of thought disturbs the mechanics just the same.Disappointing customer service that didn’t even get past the stage of a phone call - I can’t imagine the repairs and communication with this company gets any better.To end the call the lady says, “I can’t help you”… I’d avoid this company and find a place that is willing to provide a standard of customer service that Hitech obviously lacks.Edit: Reading LowTech’s response only cements their shortfall of customer service. Asking for information about my vehicle is viable before a repair, as a customer wanting to be informed (not ripped off) of what could of been repaired by said company. No surprise mechanics in the area have much better reviews than this amateurish garage.Also, admitting to recording phone conversations without the express or implied consent is punishable by up to five years’ imprisonment and/or $55,000 in NSW.
Rustam SandhuRustam Sandhu
21:01 22 Nov 22
Highest qualified mechanics I know! Helped fix my fathers car which multiple other mechanics could not after charging thousands of dollars (including those that ‘specialise’ in luxury cars).Gary and the team went out of their way to properly diagnose and repair the issue so it would be permanently resolved. Best part was they did it all for a genuine price as well!We need more mechanics like this who actually care about their customer and do NOT take advantage of the situation.Keep up the great work guys!
Geoff LubyGeoff Luby
03:23 10 Nov 22
I just want to do a shoutout to Garry the owner of HiTech Automotive. I had my car tuned & front brakes done there yesterday. I have to say it is one of the most well run and organized automotive businesses I have had the pleasure to use. Right from the front desk reception and admin ladies through to the pleasure of picking my car up they were all extremely professional and courteous. I couldn’t be happier and I definitely would highly recommend their service!
Martin LogarMartin Logar
01:37 24 Oct 22
The purpose of this 5 star review for Hitech Automotive Centre & its proprietor Gary Papapetros, is to communicate to any Sydneysider why his business provides unrivalled customer focused service that cannot be found anywhere else in the automotive industry.What Gary has developed in Hitech Automotive Centre is like the 'Amazon' of mechanic workshops. Like Jeff Bezos, Gary has systematically identified every 'pain point' in the customer experience journey and addressed it with his bespoke and intelligently planned workshop layout and his carefully selected team that understand his philosophy 'Our business model is based on a customer comes first approach'.What is even more commendable about Gary's methodology is the 'workplace culture' he has engineered. From the moment you arrive at front reception you immediately realise that for his staff Hitech Automotive Centre represents a 'family'. His staff want to be there, they are fulfilled by the value they provide to his business & therefore have the right environment to effectively provide consistent 5 star customer service time after time. From Micheline & Gina at front reception to foreman John, to name just a few- there has been complete attention to detail from start to finish on every visit, year after year, with only ever increasing standards of impeccable customer service. And believe me, I am a fussy customer when it comes to my vintage car collection!We are a corporate client with multiple vehicles in our fleet- ranging from early 90s modern classics to current model new dealer stock. There is nothing that Hitech Automotive Centre is not setup to handle- Gary has spared no expense in investing all the latest technology and tools, whilst retaining the experience and 'enthusiast know how' to service new & old, budget to exotic cars.I would like to conclude my review by just giving an example of the kind of 'above and beyond' lengths Gary went to for me as a client- when it most certainly was not required.Yesterday evening(Sunday) I dropped off a friend at Sydney airport. While parking, it became clear something was not right with the electrical charging system of my 1990 BMW E31 850i- and of course upon returning the V12 would not crank, the 30 year old alternator had failed. Better here than on the M5 right! After having BMW Roadside Assistance jump start the car, 'shepherd' me out of the parking & guide me to a quiet street off O'Riordan- I phoned Hitech Automotive Centre 'VIP Club' even though I was not a member. Remarkably my call was diverted to Gary's mobile- now just remember, this was at 8:18pm, on a weekend. Gary not only picked up, but continued to take multiple calls from me until almost 9pm, until BMW Roadside Assistance had delivered me to Hitech Automotive Centre's front door. Now just remember, not once during my phonecalls did Gary ever once say he did not have the time for this on his Sunday evening with his family- not once, even though he would have been perfectly entitled to. But this is not even the end- Gary personally came in at 5:30am Monday morning, even though he normally does not come in on Mondays, to personally take my keys out of their secure lock box and bring my 850i in, put it up on a hoist & brief the team for when they would arrive on how best to get my car back on the road.I do not mean this with any disrespect, but there is not a business owner in the Sydney motor trade alive today, not one, who would have selflessly gone 'above and beyond' like Hitech Automotive Centre's Gary Papapetros did in this instance.Gary is both a business man and decent human being, devoid of any ego, full of generosity of spirit towards his many customers- big or small, you get the same Gary and the same high quality of customer service. What he has built in Hitech Automotive Centre, is a benchmark of excellence in the automotive industry that most 'come and go' independent mechanics, let alone established Dealerships, have failed to come close to realising.
George LucogluGeorge Lucoglu
09:42 14 Oct 22
Highly recommended, there experience and diagnosis can’t be matched Gary and the staff are very experienced. Got my Colorado gearbox rebuilt serviced and tuned couldn’t be happier.
Matty CMatty C
06:25 28 May 21
THE BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IVE EVER HAD. My 2014 Ford ranger struck fuel contamination. Im from Adelaide and this truck is my work truck. Its my livelyhood right now. I was stuck in Sydney with a hire car bill climbing every day. Gary and Gina helped me through the (first time for me) process of insurance and repair claims and got my truck back to me in a couple weeks. Very quick apparently. Gary understood my situation and emperthised with me and made me feel like his only priority customer. Got me back on the road and my truck is driving better than ever thanks to Hi Tech and the expert team there.I cannot thank Gary and Gina enough for their help. I recommend Hitech to everyone who wants honest good customer service. And a bloody good job comes with that.

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Established for over 30 years, Hitech Auto provides a large number of auto repair services to both the general public and the entire automotive trade throughout Sydney.

Our brand new state-of-the-art service centre focuses on the repair of all European, American, Asian and local vehicle make and models.

Recognised as one of the leading engine diagnostic centres in NSW, our services are used by most Sydney car dealerships as well as major insurance companies.



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Our integrity and attention to detail are just part of what we do on a daily basis. Being a family owned business it was our genuine dedication to service excellence that has seen the business grow from strength to strength.


We are proud to be one of the biggest and most trusted names for all auto electrical services and repairs in Sydney. Invested in the largest amount of the new computer diagnostic scanners to suit every vehicle no matter what the age, make or model.


With our trained first class mechanics technicians, we possess a wealth of knowledge and experience across the European, japanase and American brands whilst producing a level of customer service and satisfaction that is second to none.



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Part of Hitech group specialised in diesel performance remap. With over 10 years of experience and state-of-art dyno performance room, they are leading the Diesel Tuning market in NSW.
DTA remap improve power, torque and fuel economy without compromise the engine or other parts.



A DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is fitted by law in every late Diesel vehicle in Australia. Its job is to trap the particles that are caused by the compression-ignition combustion process.

At the same time it gradually get clogged with the soot that it traps, especially on vehicle driven mostly for short routes.

When a DPF get clogged the vehicle doesn’t run properly and it needs to be cleaned.

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